Irish-Luck casino

When You Play With the Luck of the Irish

Irish Luck Casino is a brand new lucky addition to the world of online casinos. It is licensed in Curaçao, a country known for being home base to many of the very best online gaming operators. They are affiliated with the Aff Alliance group. They use a high-tech SSL encryption to safeguard all data and transactions on the site.

The games on offer are all courtesy of Rival Gaming, a name that surely rings a bell to anyone in the know. They’ve been on the scene since 2006 and have made a name for themselves with their unique game design and i-Slot selection. At this time, they have over 260 games in their catalogue, and Irish Luck has grabbed this “gold at the end of the rainbow” for themselves! This casino offers just over 180 of Rival’s best games. All the games can be enjoyed in the browser, on your mobile smartphone, or can even be downloaded (except on Mac computers).

With so many slots, enjoyable video poker options, and exciting table games, you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, if Blackjack specifically is your poison, you’ll be delighted to know that Irish Luck has got all your bases covered! With Rival-powered Blackjack and the popular Multi-hand Blackjack, everyone can enjoy simplicity at its best.

They have a comprehensive and simply written privacy policy and claim to employ a random number generator on their site. You can contact them through their email, live chat, or two telephone numbers for the U.S. and France.

The site has a comprehensive layout and a cool-looking green Leprechaun to welcome you on the home page. There’s even a little gold-colored four-leaf clover on the top left-hand side of the page to bring you luck every time you play. They also have a Responsible Gaming quiz, which you can take to find out if you have a gambling problem.

The site boasts several bonuses as well as a stupendous VIP program for loyal players and a variety of deposit and, naturally, withdrawal options. You must prove you’re over 18 to play, and it does have some country restrictions. Unfortunately, people from Israel, Malaysia, Ukraine, China, Poland, Romania, India, Belarus, Canada, Russia and Hungary are currently restricted from playing at this casino. All details can be found in their comprehensive Terms and Conditions. We will go into more detail about all this in the text below.

The Online Casino with the Luckiest Games and the Best Blackjack

Irish Luck has a wide variety of table games, incredible specialty games, fun slots, and a solid selection of video poker.

Bingo, Keno, and Major Moolah are some distinct examples of specialty games. When it comes to slots, fan-favorites like Midas Touch, Lucky Labyrinth, and Coins of Olympus are among the 150+ on offer. Jacks or Better and the popular Deuces Wild are two stand-out options among the poker selection, and the table games section includes Keno, Baccarat and, of course, Blackjack.

With all the video slots, poker games, and other casino games, this table game is possibly the ultimate favorite.

A Bit About the Blackjack Selection

They say, if you want to make a simple dish such as Irish stew, you have to use the best ingredients for it to come out right.

Likewise, when you’re designing an uncomplicated game like Blackjack, you want to make the gameplay experience one that rivals the best of them. And when it comes to simplicity, Rival is the best of them!

You have a true casino-like atmosphere when you play both game options, with pop up windows if you need any help. The “Help” tab has very comprehensive information should you need any clarification. The graphics are clear, and you can even adjust the speed of the card dealing. Give it a go, and it’ll be the most fun you’ve had in donkey’s years!



As you open the game, you immediately notice the well-designed layout and precisely this allows for a very user-friendly experience.

You have your chips at the bottom of the window, and you just click on the amount you want to wager and put them in the designated circle in front. The minimum bet required is just $1, and the maximum amount you need to bet is $500. Once you’re happy with your amount, press the “Deal” button. You will get two cards, and so will the dealer, but one of theirs will be face down.

This is a standard, single-hand game of Blackjack, where the goal is to get as close to (or ideally precisely to) 21 and not go over.

The Ace can have a value of 1 or 11, whichever value would work best for that hand at that time. The face cards have a value equalling 10, and the dealer must Hit if they have a soft 17. You are allowed to draw a total of nine extra cards if the total value of your hand still isn’t over 21. If you do that and after holding 11 cards total, it’s still less than 21, you automatically stand, and it’s the dealer’s turn.

Clicking the “Hit” button, naturally, means you want another card, and pressing the “Stand” button means you don’t. You can also split if your original cards are the same value (including two face cards). This means you’re playing two entirely independent hands, and you get an extra card for both of them, but you also add one more wager. You are allowed to split up to three times per game maximum, creating four hands total. The one exception is if you have a pair of Aces. Then you can split only once.

There are some classic Blackjack side-bets available but not all. For example, you’re not allowed to Surrender.

You can, however, double your bet with double down by clicking the “Double” button. This means you receive one additional card, and you can’t hit any more afterward. You can do this move even after a split, and you must always do it right after you get your starting two cards.

You can also take insurance clicking the button that will automatically appear if the dealer has an Ace. Insurance entails that you’re adding half of your original wager. This allows you to break even in case the dealer gets a Blackjack but if they don’t, you lose it all. You may not use this for double dows or splits, just for your original hand.

The payout schedule is classic — getting a Blackjack hand pays 3:2. If you win but with some other hand, the payout is 1:1. The dealer busting also means you automatically win. If you lose but have taken insurance, you break even, and if you just lose, well, you lose everything.

Now, if you both have the same hand, Blackjack included, it’s a push. Your wager is then automatically returned to you, so it’s not really a win-win, more like a not-lose, not-lose.

Take note that, should the dealer get a Blackjack hand after a split or double down, you will have lost everything.

It’s a very-easy-to-use game, and we’ve no qualms with it.

Multi-hand Blackjack

This much-loved version of the game is also very popular because it allows you to play several games at once, which can be a time-saver. You can enable and disable sounds, just on a side note.

The rules are the standard Blackjack rules, with a few caveats. First of all, you can play up to three hands at once, and there are three betting circles in front of you to place your bets on.

The minimum bet you can make is $1, and the maximum is a whopping $1500. You can use the minus key to remove a bet. On the bottom of the game window, you’ll find the chips, which come in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100 amounts. The amount you’ve chosen to wager will be right in front of you on the virtual table.

The payout schedule goes as follows. If you get a Blackjack, you win the traditional 3:2. If your hand is higher than the casino’s but not a Blackjack, it’s again the traditional 1:1 payout. If you play Insurance and lose, you get your wager back and break even.

When you tie with the dealer’s hand, it’s a push, and you get what you wagered back from that hand. You lose the entire amount if the dealer gets a blackjack hand after any side bet, as well.

The cards and general rules are the same as in the single-hand game, except for the double down. Here, you can only do so on 9–11 and not on a card value less than and including 8.

Promotions and Bonuses for Every Fairy and Leprechaun in the Online Forest

The moment you open the homepage, you’ll see the Wiley Leprechaun with his arms open, offering you the Welcome bonus. Should you click on the Promotions tab, you will also discover the weekend, monthly, and game-specific bonuses. We’ve made a little overview just for you.

The Welcome Bonus

This is the expected sign-up bonus, and it’s good for slots as well as specialty games, for all the lucky players.

The first bonus is valid once, and you get a 235% match when you deposit at least $25 and use the IRISHCHARM code. You need to wager the bonus and deposit (total) amount 40 times and, the good news is, there is no maximum cashout.

Once you’ve played through that, you are entitled to a 2nd welcome bonus, which is also valid one time only after the 1st. Again, your minimum deposit must be $25, and you’ll use the code SHAMROCK.

Weekend Fun Bonus

Because slots are some of the most popular online games, of course Irish Luck provides a Slots Match bonus. It is also valid for specialty games on the weekends, starting from 00:00 EST on Saturday until 23:59 EST on Sunday.

If you deposit $50 or more and use the code IRISHCOFFEE, you receive a 155% match. If you chose to deposit $100+ with the code BABYGUINNESS, you get a 185% match. Finally, if you elect to deposit $150 or more, using the code WHISKEY, you are awarded a 200% match bonus.

Once again, the playthrough is the total bonus-and-deposit amount, and again, there’s no maximum cashout.

If you use these three codes in a row (in any variation, you can even use the same code three times), you will get a no-deposit bonus with a $100 value. You’ll need to playthrough it 50 times and claim the winnings on Live Chat, keeping in mind the maximum payout is 5x the value.

Monthly Deals Bonus

Yet another generous Slots Match bonus comes in the form of an up to 215% match. When it comes to two special slots that go by the names Mighty Aphrodite and Silver Unicorn, you get an additional 75 free spins. You can claim those in Live Chat and note that the playthrough is 50x both the bonus and deposit, and the maximum cashout is 5x.

The match depends on your deposit amount; if you deposit at least $25, you get a 135% when you use the code STALLION135. Should you choose to wager $75 at least and use the code STALLION165, you get 165%. If you bet $125 at least, expect a 195% bonus after using the code STALLION195. Finally, if you wager $200 and use the bonus code STALLION215, you’ll get a 215% match.

You may use these codes as many times per day as you like. When it comes to the wagering requirements, the playthrough is deposit-plus-bonus 40x for slots with no maximum cashout.

Game Special Bonus

This bonus is for slots and specialty games. The code NAVIGATOR can be used an unlimited number of times, with the minimum deposit of $75. This will allow you to get a 175% match that you’ll need to playthrough, along with the deposit amount, 40 times.

The casino also honors David Bowie, no less, though he wasn’t quite Irish, but, apparently, it was close enough! It allows you to get an additional 75 Free Spins on the Lucky Labyrinth slot. You’ll need to playthrough 50x with the bonus-and-deposit amount. You use the same code and get the same 175% match. There is no maximum cashout, and you may claim your winnings in Live Chat.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Any proper online casino has a decent variety of options when it comes to deposit and withdrawals, and Irish Luck is no exception.


You can make your deposits in six ways. There’s the traditional Visa and Mastercard option, as well as the modern Bitcoin pathway. You can also use Neteller, Paysafecard, and/or Skrill.

The minimum deposit for all these is $25, and the maximum is $1,000 except for Bitcoin, which doesn’t have a maximum limit. The casino urges you to contact Live Chat for more Bitcoin deposit details. The funding is immediate for all players when it comes to Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin and for all EU players, when it comes to the remaining three deposit pathways.

Naturally, the player must go through a process of identity verification, and it specifically needs to happen over the phone with the Customer Support team. Once the player has made a deposit, they get a confirmation via email and can proceed from there. The casino advises the player to print out that data, the rules, and regulations regarding cancellation and so on to avoid any mix-ups later on. This is important because the casino does not condone charge-backs or cancellations and reversals, so it’s important that you don’t change your mind midway through the process.

Players are also allowed to get their own deposit limit, but they have to contact the account manager to do that. Mind that 24 hours need to pass before you can request to alter your limit again.


The most annoying thing about online gambling can be waiting for the money you’ve won to arrive in your bank account. Irish Luck keeps its processing times brief, and this is a hallmark of good business.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $100 for all methods, and there are three of those in total. You can withdraw your winnings via Bank Wire Transfer, or with the traditional Visa, and/or Mastercard.

The payments take up to seven business days to process, and the maximum payout for all of these methods is $2,000 per week. You may also make only one payout request per week. There is no extra charge for this service. The casino will pay you in installments depending on your status (if you’re a VIP player, how big your deposit was and so on).

Before you get paid out, of course, you will need to get your documents approved, and this is a one-time activity that can take up to four business days. You could be asked to share documents such as your ID in the same photo and your face, a photo of your utility bill and so on.

Customer Support

The Irish are known for their warmth and hospitality, and this online casino is no different.

First of all, it boasts a truly responsive Live Chat that is very handy to have. There are also two phone numbers that you can use if the chat doesn’t answer your question or if the question is more complex. The United States number is toll-free, while the French one is not, but it’s clearly intended for France-based players, and anyone can use the first number. The casino records all phone calls for your safety and theirs, which is a responsible way of handling all customer care and support. You’re also provided an email you can send your inquiries to, and the team aims to answer you clearly and in a timely fashion.

In Conclusion

We like what the Leprechaun offers. So be a chancer, as the Irish would say, and take the risk — try out this casino and let it be your lucky charm.

So good luck and Sláinte!

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