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Playing Online Blackjack For Real Money: Guide

Blackjack: a relatively easy game that makes you want to play it over and over again. The effect is so strong because the odds of winning are relatively easy to calculate, and you always feel that you are on the verge of a huge win, and you can effortlessly beat the dealer. As a matter of fact, the whole point of this game is that you indeed just need to outplay the dealer and predict the chances of his/her strong or weak hand. To do that you have to get a cards total of 21 and hope doesn’t get there first. This game is a bit easier and more exciting than a majority of other table games in any ground-based or online casino. All you have to do is count your cards and count on your luck. Easy breezy!

Well, it’s actually not that simple when you really start playing and going into details calculating the house edge percentage. That’s why if you are not natural at this and don’t possess some concrete knowledge about how to win at Blackjack, you will definitely need this Blackjack guide!

Difference Between Online And Land-based Casino Blackjack

First and foremost, let us remind you that every player should understand some basic differences between online and land-based casino games, as they are definitely not the same. Even though the rules might remain the same, some factors change, and this might affect your game and chances for winning. Not only are the dealers usually computerized but also the odds of success are different. Sure, some online casinos have Live Dealers, but the majority of people choose to play usual online Blackjack against a machine, this way of playing is more accessible and widespread.

Moreover, let’s not forget the fact that playing online Blackjack is much easier. You just go online, find an online casino, go through the registration process, make a deposit, and enjoy your real money Blackjack. Nevertheless, here you have an option to play for free, without making any deposits and going through a long registration process.

 Land-based Casino Blackjack

Nevertheless, ground-based casinos remain a solid option for extroverts who like to feel more physical with the casino games they are playing.

Sure, there are some downsides to playing online Blackjack with the RNG. Let’s sort it out:

  1. You can’t count the odds of winning the same way you can do it at ground-based casinos by means of counting the cards in the dock;
  2. You can’t beat the dealer, because if you are not playing at Live Casino, you will have to deal with the RNG, and there is no way to predict your winning chances. You will just have to count on your luck.

However, you can always opt for an option of Live Dealer at some online casinos; here you can actually count the cards in the deck and predict the winning chances beforehand, just like in a land-based casino.

Best Strategies For Big Wins Playing Blackjack

The first rule of a successful Blackjack player is to keep in mind that Blackjack is a probability game that involves some math and logic. There is no room for improvisation. And even if you might get a feeling that the stakes are going to be winning, you can’t just rely solely on your guts. Keep in mind that there are some laws which will definitely work in your favor if you know exactly how to use them. We decided that you needed some rules to make it all clear and easy for you!

Tips For Beginners:

  • Stay online

There exists a notion of a cheat sheet when playing Blackjack, but most land-based casinos prohibit its usage. So the real way out of the risky situation for any beginner would be staying online and sticking to playing online Blackjack. This strategy might let you win real money if you play it for real! Sure, people tend to be cautious betting big sums of money online, because the process of withdrawing can take a while, but this is a perfect method of learning your strategy.

  • Look for training courses

There is a multitude of various online courses of Blackjack you can find and learn from. Professional players will show you how to make the most of your game and win big. There you can see the actual way pros make real money because the best way to succeed in something is learning from the best!

  • Use your logic and mathematical abilities

As mentioned above, logic and mathematical abilities are extremely important when playing Blackjack; you should count on your brain more than on your improvisation skills and even intuition. That’s only if you want to win big, of course.

Even though, it’s easier to say than do, counting your cards is exceptionally important.

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Safe And Secure Strategy For Sure Wins:

Here are some tips on how to split, surrender, hit, stand, and double down you must learn in order to become a true gambling pro. This is a basic strategy and it is based on the probability laws. It will help you sometimes. Nevertheless, it is not flawless, so you can’t depend on it to bring you 100% winning results.

Split Strategies:

  • You should always split aces and 8’s;
  • Never split tens;
  • Splits a pair of 9’s if the dealer’s cards show from 2 to 9, except for 7, in other cases you should stand;
  • The same goes for 7’s, you split them if the dealer’s cards show from 2 to 7, in other cases, it is most advisable to hit;
  • Split a pair of 6’s if the dealer’s cards show from 2 to 6, in other cases, you should hit;
  • Double a pair of 5’s if the dealer’s cards show from 2 to  9, in other cases you should hit;
  • Split a pair of 4’s if the dealer’s cards show 5 and 6, in other cases, you should hit;
  • Split a pair of 3’s if the dealer’s cards show from 2 to 7, in other cases, you should hit;
  • Split a pair of 2’s if the dealer’s cards show from 2 to 7, in other cases, you should hit.

A very important reminder for every player: don’t forget about hard and soft hands.

A hard hand is any hand that doesn’t contain an ace. Even if it does, the ace must be counted as 1. For example, 6 and 7 is a hard 13; 5-4-A-3 is also a hard 18. If your ace is counted as 11 in your hand, that means you have a soft hand. For example, A-7 is a soft 18; A-5-3 is a soft 19. Usually, when you receive your first hand consisting of 2 cards and one of them is ace, you should consider it as 11.

blackjack table

The reason you need to know the difference between a soft hand and a hard hand is that you will use different strategies depending on it. In other words, two similar hands – a 10-5 (15) and an A-4 (15) – are played differently.

For example, 15 surrenders against dealer’s 10 (revert to hard totals). It would be played differently if 15 were soft. But you should surrender only if your 15 stands against dealer’s 10, otherwise, you should consider continuing playing.

Surrender strategies:

The first strategy of surrender is explained right above, and the second one would be 16 surrendering against 9 through Ace, otherwise, don’t surrender.

Hard totals strategies (a hand without aces or an ace is counted as 1):

  • 8 always hits;
  • Double 9 if the dealer’s hand shows 3 through 6, in any other cases, you should hit;
  • Double 10 if the dealer’s hand shows 3 through 6, in any other cases, you should hit;
  • Always double 11;
  • 12 stands if the dealer’s hand shows 4 through 6, in any other cases, you should hit;
  • 13-16 stand if the dealer’s hand shows 2 through 6, in any other cases, you should hit.

Soft totals strategies:

  • Double soft 13 (2, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 5 and 6, in any other cases, you should hit;
  • Double soft 14 (3, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 5 and 6, in any other cases you, should hit;
  • Double soft 15 (4, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 4, 5 or 6, in any other cases you, should hit;
  • Double soft 16 (5, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 4, 5 or 6, in any other cases you, should hit;
  • Double soft 17 (6, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 3, 4, 5 or 6, in any other cases, you should hit;
  • Double soft 18 (7, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 2 through 6, and hits against 9 through Ace, in any other cases, you should stand;
  • Double soft 19 (8, A) if the dealer’s hand shows 6, otherwise stand;
  • Soft 20 (A,9) always stands.

There are also times when you neither win nor lose at Blackjack. This occurs when you have the same number as a dealer’s hand. This is called a “push.” If this happens, you just keep your bet and carry on playing.

These are the most popular ways to win easy money playing Blackjack, and they make your game much simpler and more enjoyable. It’s a sort of a cheat sheet, to make you instantly a Blackjack pro. Nevertheless, as mentioned before, we advise you to train playing at online or mobile casinos. Here, the amount you win might not be very substantial, compared to land-based casinos, but your losses won’t be colossal either.

Success Stories

One of the most successful and victorious Blackjack players Edward O. Thorp had his own idea about the most effective ways to play the game. He invented the Blackjack strategy basing on the mathematical approach to reach optimal results. No wonder, because this guy is a math professor! He calculated the method of finding the right formula to beat the dealer.

Mostly known as “the father of card counting,” Edward spent a sufficient amount of time at Nevada’s casinos trying to test his own techniques and win playing blackjack for real money. He is also known for implementing a pretty risky method of using a wearable computer that helped him to make predictions for easy wins. Unfortunately for restless freeloaders who don’t want to make an effort in order to win, this method is no longer legal.

Another victorious Blackjack player, Don Johnson, used a slightly different technique to win huge money at Atlantic City casinos. He actually counted on the favorable casino conditions that he negotiated himself. He was never afraid of asking for more and getting what he thought he deserved. Don used to be a high roller, so basically what he did was bet the biggest amounts of money when he saw agreeable chances for winning. Plus, the house edge was pretty small already, thanks to his bargains with casino’s administration, so he won the biggest amounts of money possible, and always came out victorious!

The reason these casinos agreed to fulfill his requirements was their desperation connected to the lack of visitors. Johnson had already established his reputable name by that time, so they needed players like him, and they needed them to win big to attract new customers.

These two techniques proved themselves pretty successful and fruitful. But these are not the only ways you can play and win at Blackjack. In this article, we are about to open up for you a couple of strategies to win real money playing online Blackjack.

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